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360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge

A tool built in Tableau that answers the question: 'Who has funded what themes throughout the years?'

This tool uses the 360 Giving grant dataset (excel extract) in order to answer the question of which funding organisations have funded what themes throughout the years. This is explored through four simple charts which make up the dashboard: 1) Amount awarded for each 'Theme' (with ability to filter by year awarded) 2) The top 3 organisations funding each theme over the last five years 3) Across all years, the top 10 organisations funding a theme 4) The title of each grant awarded along with the organisation who funding it, based on the selected theme. (Charts 2-4 can be filtered based on the theme filter) The aim of this tool is to quickly and succinctly answer the question above, without losing the user in overly complex visualisations. Additional notes: The greatest amount of time went into categorising the data into each 'theme'. These were decided by reference established themes used in the grant making sector, and were refined through inspection of the amount of grants attributed to each. About 3.5% of the grant amounts awarded were unable to be set to a theme, but these are present to explore by selecting the theme filter option 'Theme not defined'. Note: In order to get the best user experience, please view this visualisation in full screen after opening the link to the Tableau public workbook.

Alex Brothers

Management Consultant