Grantmaking: The who, what when and where

360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge

An interactive exploration of the Grantnav database

I chose to answer question 1. Like so many data visualisation challenges the hardest part was handling the data. Having decided to tackle the whole database (at least for years 2004 to 2017 - the other years didn't seem to have much going on) I needed a way to handle a lot of data. I experimented with various solutions. Graph databases, Tableau, PowerBI, D3 and so on. I finally decided to aggregate the data and use a combination of Flourish and Observable. Flourish's Survey template was the best solution I could find to the challenge of bringing the different elements into one visualisation, in a way that made sense, had visual appeal and - importantly - was easy to use. Using only simple dropdowns the viewer can 'play' with the data and watch the changes happen. And I wanted to show other non-developers out there that we have some amazing visualisation capabilities within our reach. Deploying through Observable felt in keeping with the spirit of sharing this work. My entry is open to all. Anyone can add their own visuals or edit the commentary and save their changes to make a new version. Thank you to 360Giving for giving the data visualisation community such an interesting challenge.

Dylan Omran

Data Analyst

Aquatech Consulting Ltd.