Slice & Dice

360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge

A tool to explore GrantNav searches visually

This tool was created in my spare time as a submission to the 360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge, in answer to the question “Who has funded what themes throughout the years”. It allows you to take the URL of a search on GrantNav (, and visually slice it up by dimensions such as Year or Location. A brief tour guides you through a series of ‘slices’ that show how the tool can be used to explore a range of topical funding themes; ending in a version you can use to create your own visualisations to share. In particular I wanted to create something that would, compliment existing tools that make use of data in the 360giving format (namely GrantNav); and hopefully be used by funders and fund seekers after the data visualisation competition.

Suraj Vadgama

Designer, Developer and Founder

I design, build and grow tech for good