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360Giving is inviting you to use our dataset to develop and visualise innovative solutions to two key questions facing the grantmaking sector.

Your data visualisations must answer the following questions that were selected by an expert panel in our Quest for Questions Challenge

Question 1

Who has funded what themes throughout the years?

Question 2

User-led organisations: Who funds them, in what thematic area, how much funding do they receive and what type of organisation are they (e.g. CIC, charity, co-operative, community group)?


Whether it’s an interactive web app, a graphic image, a video or another form of visualisation, we are looking for responses to these questions that excite and appeal. They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The applicant’s ability to answer the Challenge question correctly and clearly
  • Aesthetics and creativity
  • How innovative it is compared to current visualisations.

Entries must use the 360Giving dataset to answer one of the Challenge questions and you are encouraged to use other datasets alongside it. You can find a list of suggested datasets here.

All submissions will be judged by a panel made up of experts from the sector selected by 360Giving. They will award prizes of between £2,000 and £6,000 to the best three responses to the questions.

In addition, each entry that meets our submission criteria will receive an award of between £100 and £500 (depending on the number of submissions and their quality).

The closing date for entries is 31th July. Winners will be announced in September 2018.


What and where do funding organisations fund?

Dashboards that explore what grants funding organisations have awarded between 2008 and 2017.

Visualizing grants awarded from UK to overseas regions

Analyzing all the grants that are not being used in UK land.

Mapping of Lloyds Bank Foundation Grants

Using latest animated mapping to show grants in relation to a deprivation index map for England.

User Led Organisations: Networks and Links

Visualising linkages between user led organisations and funders

Grants to Charities

An interactive web app combining two open datasets: GrantNav and CharityBase

Is the Money Going Where it is Most Needed?

Comparing Grantmaking to English Indices of Deprivation


A quick excel visualisation answering Question 1 of the 360giving dataset challenge

Grant Funding and Deprivation - Lava Lamp Style

Visualising the distribution of grants awarded by relative deprivation of the recipient

PowerBI 360 Giving Challenge - Rishi Sapra

An interactive data visualisation produced using Microsoft Power BI


Finding a 2-d notion of theme with techniques from NLP and ML

Drug Addiction

This illustration depicts the relation between cause, bearer of drug addiction and people helping them.

Theme Explorer

A tool built in Tableau that answers the question: 'Who has funded what themes throughout the years?'

Grantmaking: The who, what when and where

An interactive exploration of the Grantnav database

NLP theme explorer

Finding distinctive themes by applying natural language processing to the rich language of grant descriptions

User-led trough time

Last 20 years of user led funders, recipients and projects

International Grants

How are UK funders giving to international causes?

From funder to user

Data visualisation in D3.js of grants to user-led organizations

360Giving Trend Engine

A dynamic dashboard application for trend discovery

A Forest of Funders

Exploring the landscape of UK grant funders through a handmade data visualisation

Explore the themes the top funders funded through the years

Application for exploring the themes funded by top grant funders.

Funding patterns in the UK Grantmaking sector

Visualising the pattern of organisation funding between 2008 and 2017 for sports, elderly and science themes.

Identifying Trends by using Keywords(Themes) based filtering methodology.

Filter across 1800+ themes(keywords) to find trends all different funding organization.

Funding Trends

An interactive web app presenting key funding trends and a dedicated dashboard for each funder

360giving Grantmaking themes

A Topic Modelling analysis and Data Visualization of the grantmaking sector

Slice & Dice

A tool to explore GrantNav searches visually

360Grants - year 2017 Web Data Visualisation by Zoomable Circle Pack

Zoomable Circle Pack

What's Up?

Does funding lead or follow emerging issues? Showing grant giving compared to public popularity

Blooming Data

A beautiful way to visualise which funders are supporting the growth of user-led organisations


Visualisation of user-led organisations supporting children with disabilities, and who funds them.

Top 10 Cycling Grants Funders

Focusing on High Value Funders


Making sense of the grantmaking sector by using GrantNav from a civilian’s point of view.

Interrogating 360Giving grant data with R

Visualise 360Giving.org grant data interactively with linked widgets in R

A Drop in the Bucket

Who has funded what and when, and what does that look like in bucket-form?

Top 10 funders in the UK grantmaking sector

What themes have been funded by the top 10 funders since 2010.

Mental Health

Mental Health Funding in The Last Decade.

by ccm.design